Mayor, City Councilor Bike to Work

May 14, 2012 in Bicycling, Featured

Mayor Bartlett and Councilor Steele

Mayor Bartlett (middle) and Councilor Steele (right) ride their bikes to City Hall to kick off Bike to Work Week. (photo: Wagner)

TULSA – Mayor Dewey Bartlett and City Councilor Skip Steele kicked off Bike to Work Week this morning with a bike ride from The Coffee House on Cherry Street to City Hall.

After speaking with media and attendees, the Mayor and First Lady, Councilor Steele and other bicyclists rode their bikes to work, complete with a police bike patrol escort.

Bike rack locations on display

Easels displayed aerial imagery showing the location of bike parking to be installed around Tulsa later this year. (photo: Lassiter)

Bike to Work Week runs from May 14 through May 18 and is part of Tulsa’s celebration of National Bike Month. Monday’s event, hosted by the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG), offered free breakfast pastries, juice and snacks for commuting bicyclists while also providing a glimpse into the location of bicycle racks the city plans to install later this year.

Maps showing the locations of the racks were displayed on easels outside the Coffee House. Several on-street bike corrals will be located on Cherry Street. Bike corrals replace a car parking spot with a series of bike racks that can park 10 bicycles in the space of one car.

Bike to Work Week runs all this week and ends with a celebration on Friday at Joe Momma’s at 112 S. Elgin from 4:30p to 6:30pm. There will be prizes and music and you can enter the Bike Commuter Challenge.

Mayor Bartlett and Councilor Steele

Mayor Bartlett and Councilor Steele are interviewed by Fox 23 at Monday's Bike to Work Week kickoff event. (photo: Lassiter)

Mayor and Councilor on Norfolk

Mayor Bartlett (middle left) and Councilor Steele (middle right) ride on Norfolk Ave south of 11th Street. (photo: Wagner)

Bike to Work

Bike to Work Week kickoff at the Coffee House on Cherry Street, Monday, May 14, 2012. (photo: Lassiter)

Steele ready to go

Councilor Steele and Tulsa Police ready to go. (photo: Lassiter)

Bike to Work Week May 14-18

May 10, 2012 in Bicycling

Mayor Dewey Bartlett

Mayor Dewey Bartlett will kick off Tulsa's Bike-to-Work week Monday, May 14 at the Coffee House on Cherry Street. photo: City of Tulsa

TULSA – May is National Bike Month and Mayor Dewey Bartlett will kick off Tulsa’s Bike to Work week on Monday morning, May 14 at the Coffee House on Cherry Street.

Mayor Bartlett will be joined by First Lady Victoria Bartlett, fresh off last week’s bicycle tour with City Councilors, and city staff to talk about the nearly 100 bicycle racks that are scheduled to be installed around the City of Tulsa later this year.

Bicycle parking is sorely needed in Tulsa, and this first round of bicycle racks will make it easy to ride and park near key destinations in downtown, Cherry Street, Brookside, the Blue Dome and the Brady District.

The new bicycle racks will include Tulsa’s first ever on-street bike parking in the form of bike corrals. A series of inverted-U-shaped racks that allow 10 bicycles to be parked in one on-street car parking space, bike corrals will be a welcome addition to some of Tulsa’s most popular destinations.

Bike Racks in Pilot Program

These bike racks will be installed as part of Tulsa's pilot bike rack program.

In addition to the bike corrals, select bike racks are actually specially commissioned “art racks” in the shape of bison, oil derricks and the city skyline. These racks will be placed near prominent locations such as City Hall, BOK Center, the Central Library and ONEOK Field.

The public is invited to drop by the Bike To Work Week kickoff event at the Coffee House on Cherry Street at 1502 E. 15th Street to ask questions and see the locations of the bike racks.

Free refreshments and breakfast pastries will be provided. The event takes place bright and early from 6 to 8:30am.

Mayor Bartlett is scheduled to appear at 7am. The mayor is even rumored to actually ride his bike to work at City Hall from the event. Let’s see if he follows through.

Bike to Work week will cap off with a celebration on Friday, May 18 at Joe Momma’s Pizza from 4:30 to 6:30pm. There will be music and prizes. Plus, you can sign up for the Bike to Work Commuter Challenge that runs throughout the entire bike-to-work season.

Training Wheels Workshop Series Begins Saturday

April 20, 2012 in Bicycling

TULSA – Next month is National Bike-to-Work month and to get ready, a workshop series called “Training Wheels” gets underway Saturday.

The free workshops are designed for “bike newbies” – people of all ages who are interested in bicycle commuting but have questions or need some encouragement.

On-Street Bike Corral

On-street bike parking is coming to Tulsa. Learn more at "Bike Racks Around Town," part of the Training Wheels workshop series. Photo: / Heather Bowden

The first class, “Bicycle Basics”, kicks off at 10am, April 21 at the Tulsa Hub, a bicycle non-profit located at 601 W. Third Street in downtown Tulsa. The Tulsa Hub will explain everything you need to know to get started. They’ll go over the benefits of bicycling, how to select a bike and how to prepare for different kinds of rides. There will even be a short fun ride.

“Gear Up”, the second class of the workshop series, will teach the basics of bicycle maintenance. When you’re out on a ride, you need to know how to change a flat. And much of the maintenance needed for a bicycle can be done cheaply by yourself at home. The staff of Tom’s Bicycles on Cherry Street will cover basic bike tunes that can save you money and keep your bike running smooth. This class starts at 2pm on April 29 at Tom’s Bicycles, 1506 E. 15th Street.

The third class in the workshop series, “Road Rules”, will give you confidence to ride on the street. You may not know it, but bicycles actually belong on the street and not the sidewalk. In fact, you can ride legally on any city street in Tulsa. League Certified Instructor James Wagner will teach the rules of the road and put your fears to rest with essential riding techniques that will keep you safe and having fun. Wagner will even take you out on the road for a spin. This class starts at 10am, May 5 at the Brookside Library located at 1207 E 45th PL.

Nearly 100 bicycle racks are coming to downtown and other areas of Tulsa. If you’ve been frustrated by the lack of bicycle parking in Tulsa, come to the fourth workshop called “Bike Racks Around Town”. From 6 to 8:30 am on Monday, May 14, City of Tulsa officials will be on hand at the Coffee House on Cherry Street to explain where the bike racks will be installed and to answer questions. It’s a great way to kick off Bike-to-Work week. Free refreshments and breakfast pastries will be provided.

To cap off the series, there will be a Bike-to-Work day celebration at Joe Momma’s Pizza form 4:30pm to 6:30pm, Friday May 18. There will be music, beer specials, prize drawings, and you’ll have the chance to sign up for the 2012 Bike-to-Work Commuter Challenge.