Bike Walk Tulsa reports on active transportation and livable streets news and advocacy in the Tulsa area with a focus on bicycling and walking.

Bike Walk Tulsa is published and edited by Stephen Lassiter, a biking and walking advocate who commutes by bike approximately 3,000 miles per year. Lassiter is a member of INCOG’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

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  1. Joe Robertson says:

    Hi Steve, I saw the report on Channel 2 this morning. I commute to work most of the year and want to throw in my two cents worth. I’m sure you have noticed; there aren’t many bicycle racks in town. I emailed QT about all of their new renovations and how they left out the racks, and they basically laughed me off. Last time I looked, the BOK Center didn’t have any. I wish someone would encourage new and existing businesses to set up bicycle racks. Anyway, that’s my gripe. Thanks for your efforts. Joe Robertson

    • Stephen Lassiter says:

      Hi Joe,

      Bike parking is a huge issue in Tulsa and we discussed that with the councilors after the ride.

      Tulsa is installing nearly 100 bicycle racks sometime this summer. The racks are currently going through the bid process. Some will be installed at the BOK Center and City Hall. On-street bicycle corrals will be installed on Cherry Street and in the Blue Dome. You can learn more about the bicycle racks at a Bike-to-Work week kick-off event “Bike Racks Around Town” on Monday, May 14 at the Coffee House on Cherry Street from 6-8:30am. City officials will be on hand to talk about the racks and take questions.

      I hear you on QT and other businesses. Tulsa needs a bicycle-friendly business program that encourages local businesses to provide parking and other incentives for those who ride their bikes. Once businesses see the on-street bicycle corrals and how they fit 10 bikes in the space of one car, there will be a waiting list for businesses who want bicycle corrals at their front door.

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