Word on the Street: 4/3/12

April 3, 2012 in Word On The Street by bikewalkadmin

Word on the Street is a compilation of links to active transportation headlines from around the web:

  • Tulsa Cyclist Ticketed for Riding in the Street
    Tulsa Police Officer Wyett Poth initiated a traffic stop last week after seeing Brian Potter riding in the center of the right lane on 15th Street.
  • Midland Valley Trail Project Under Way
    The trail, maintained by the city’s Park and Recreation Department, is being widened and paved with concrete instead of asphalt, said city spokesman Bob Bledsoe. New lighting also is being added, and a new pedestrian crossing signal will be installed where the trail crosses 21st Street just east of Boston Avenue, he said.
  • TMAPC to Consider Expansion of Pedestrian-Friendly Form-Based Code in Pearl District
    Generally speaking, the form-based code encourages the development of dense, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and discourages the use of automobiles. Wednesday’s public hearing is sure to be contentious, with some business owners having already voiced their opposition to the new code.
  • Family of Killed ODOT Worker Present at Accused Teen’s Hearing
    The group of 25 attended the court appearance of Deven Wayne Franklin, 19, who is charged with first-degree manslaughter and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in relation to the death of Ira Henderson, 42, of Bartlesville.
  • Congress Fails on Infrastructure. Again.
    On Friday, President Obama signed the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012. Odds are you didn’t hear about it. There wasn’t a signing ceremony in the Rose Garden, and no one on the Hill rushed to the cameras to take the credit. The White House’s statement was less than 50 words, and neither John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Mitch McConnell even issued a press release. And for good reason: Each and every one of them is ashamed of this bill.
  • Advocates See Little Hope in Pre-Election Long-Term Transportation Bill
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive director of transportation and infrastructure Janet Kavinoky said the 90-day extension could lead to a longer agreement, but only if lawmakers get right back to work after the two-week recess.
  • More States Privatizing Their Infrastructure. Are They Making a Mistake?
    A road that’s privately owned for 75 years has the potential to conflict with other public-policy goals. For instance, as a recent GAO report found, four of the five privately-funded toll road projects in the last 15 years included non-compete clauses that prevented the government from building nearby roads.
  • Photos From the National Bike Summit
    The 2012 National Bike Summit was an inspiring whirlwind of speakers, workshops, networking and, of course, meetings with elected officials on Capitol Hill. Luckily, photographer Chris Eichler was there to capture it all.
  • The Race to Support Advocacy
    When cyclecross racing superstar Tim Johnson rode 538 miles from Boston, MA, to Washington, DC, in time for the kick off of the National Bike Summit, he wasn’t just pumping his legs; he was pumping up the racing community to become more involved in advocacy. It appears to be working.