Word on the Street is a compilation of links to active transportation headlines from around the web:

  • INCOG Announces 2012 Training Wheels Workshops
    The four-part workshop series offers free classes on the basics of bicycle commuting in preparation for Tulsa’s Bike to Work Week and ends with a Bike to Work Day celebration at Joe Momma’s Pizza.
  • Man Struck While Walking Dog on U.S. 75
    The man apparently walked into the inside southbound lane of the highway at the West 23rd Street off-ramp about 5:45 a.m. Friday.
  • Tulsa City Councilors Mull Parking Lot Moratorium
    “We have more surface parking now than we did 35 years ago, and we have fewer people working downtown,” Councilor Blake Ewing said during a council committee meeting Thursday.
  • Valet Parking Under Scrutiny
    Traffic Engineering Manager Mark Brown said both the Mayo Hotel and Courtyard by Marriott hotel offer valet services that take up parts of the street, as does Mi Cocina restaurant on 15th Street during the dinner hour. “Businesses don’t have the right to take out public parking spaces “exclusively for their efforts,” Brown said. “The city and the taxpayers need to be compensated.”
  • Congress Approves 90-day Transportation Bill Extension
    The House on Thursday morning approved a 90-day extension of federal highway programs over the objections of angry Democrats. The Senate on Thursday afternoon also passed the extension. The bill will now go to President Obama. The White House has indicated the president will sign the bill.
  • Politico: Senate Clears Transportation Extension
    Finding a more permanent solution may be even harder, judging by the amount of partisan rhetoric generated by an extension that’s typically considered routine. This is the ninth such extension enacted since the last transportation law expired in 2009.
  • NYC Bicycle Commuter Inspires Others to Join In
    Kimberly Kinchen, New York City cycling activist and developer of a group commuting meet-up called nycbiketrain, is one of the city’s dedicated, hardcore cyclists. But just nine months ago Kinchen was building up the courage to ride on city streets for the first time.
  • The A$#&^% Biker Problem: Why It’s Hard to Share the Road
    The relationship between cyclists and drivers is notoriously tense. A simple Google search will yield scores of articles and videos about fights.

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