Word on the Street is a compilation of links to active transportation headlines from around the web:

  • Walkable Downtown Tulsa Development is Booming
    Tom Taylor’s apartment at the newly completed $12 million Metro at Brady building is just blocks from his new job at Emergency Infant Services, a short walk to numerous bars and restaurants, and minutes on foot from the BOK Center and ONEOK Field.
  • Urban Houses Up For Sale in Downtown Tulsa
    Gary Phillips and his daughters Chloe and Nikki spent their Saturday afternoon on a bike ride through downtown. It’s not far from home. The Phillips rent a loft in the Philtower.
  • Ride America for Safe Routes Rolls Thru Tulsa
    They started in Key West and will end up in San Francisco. All long the way they are promoting Safe Routes to School and bicycle friendly streets.
  • Tulsa Man Arrested After Allegedly Aiming Vehicle Toward Crowd
    A Tulsa man was hospitalized and later arrested after ramming his pickup into a minivan surrounded by several people Saturday evening.
  • OKC Mayor Among Those Calling for Bipartisan Transportation Bill
    The original House bill talks about devolving power away from Washington, but it actually takes away some of the latitude that local areas have today. It is important to place responsibility for planning and investing decisions at the regional and local level, where people actually live their lives.
  • Boehner: We’ll Work with Senate if GOP Balks on Transportation Bill
    House Republicans leaders have been struggling for weeks to drum up enough support in their own ranks to pass a 5-year bill. Now, faced with a ticking clock on an expiring law, they may be forced to align instead with a bipartisan alternative now on the Senate floor.
  • Do More Bikeways Mean More Bicycle Commuting?
    Cities with a greater supply of bike paths and lanes have significantly higher bike commute rates. They find this to be true even after controlling for land use, climate, socioeconomic factors, gasoline prices, public transport supply, and cycling safety.
  • Are Cars to Blame for Distracted Driving?
    Automakers plan to testify today that smartphone and portable GPS makers should be included in new federal efforts to combat technology-related driver distraction.


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