Word on the Street is a compilation of links to active transportation headlines from around the web:

  • Tulsa's Housing & Transportation Affordability Index

    Much of the Tulsa area spends 45% or more of their household budget on housing and transportation. Source: Center for Neighborhood Technology

    Mounting Transportation and Housing Costs Devour Household Budgets
    Median housing costs, as reported by the US Census, have increased by nearly 37 percent nationwide, while the national median income has increased by approximately 22 percent. Average transportation costs in the geographies covered by CNT’s H&T Affordability Index increased by more than 39 percent or $318 per month.

  • Tensions Raise Specter of Gas at $5 a Gallon
    With no clear end to tensions with Iran and Syria and rising demand from countries like China, gas prices are already at record highs for the winter months.
  • House GOP Floats 18-Month Transportation Bill
    The bill reauthorizes the Highway Trust Fund into mid-2013, and also reconnects federal transit funding to the trust fund. Disconnecting the two proved contentious in the 5-year bill and caused several Republicans in transit-heavy districts to revolt.
  • Several Amendments Could Help Passage of House Bill
    House leaders could address most of the issues by following the lead of Representatives Petri, LaTourette and Blumenauer and Senators Boxer and Inhofe, and incorporating bipartisan solutions to fix or improve critical aspects of the bill. The result would be a bill that is far more likely to win bipartisan support, much as the Senate bill is doing, and make the job of reconciling the two bills infinitely easier.
  • Highway Bill Causes More GOP Road Rage
    Transportation committee Republicans are backing their chairman against his own party’s leadership as the finger-pointing over the failed highway bill reaches a fever pitch.
  • Congress to America: “Get a Car!”
    Photographer and blogger Jay Mallin, whose video of Woodbridge, VA police ticketing injured pedestrians was picked up by Streetsblog NYC a year ago, has turned his attention to the congressional transportation debacle.
  • The Lorax Speaks for an SUV and Mazda Says That’s OK
    Mazda is defending its marketing campaign in which it uses the beloved — and ferociously eco-conscious — children’s book character the Lorax to sell its new SUV.

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