Intersection design is one of the most important considerations for bike lane safety. A common issue with bike lanes at intersections is the possibility for right-hooks – a car/bike collision that occurs when a right-turning car overtakes and cuts off a bicyclist in the bike lane. The video above shows a Dutch design that strives to mitigate the right-hook problem.

  1. Bike Soup says:

    Way OVER-engineered. Fact #1: Clueless cyclists, without the benefit of the VC course, will ALWAYS troll the gutter; Fact #2: Motorists do not respect bike lanes; Fact #3: Solid white lines on the road are not magical barriers protecting cyclists against distracted motorists.

    The real problem is motorists criminally speeding just to catch the next red. Long, wide streets contribute to this problem. Possible solution? NARROW outside lanes, less than 9 feet. Peoria, between 21st and 31st, is a great example of how narrow outside lanes might work. Look in your rear view to notice all the motorists changing lane. They can’t pass cyclists in the same lane, no matter where in the lane the cyclist is.

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