Downtown Banners Spotlight Bicycling

October 21, 2011 in Bicycling by bikewalkadmin

TULSA – Banners are popping up all over lamp posts downtown inviting the public to meet, play, work, live or eat downtown. The banners labeled “Play Downtown” are accompanied by a vector image of a bicyclist zooming along. Posted at the bottom of all the banners is a website link to

Banners hanging from lamp posts downtown invite the public to "play downtown" on bicycles.

It is unclear who is behind the banners, but since the banners are placed on the city’s lamp posts, one can surmise that the City of Tulsa is behind the campaign. Although a visit to the  website does not contain any bicycling info per se. At least one picture depicts bicycles “parked” in the Brady District, but there is no mention of anything specifically pertaining how we can play on our bicycles downtown. Perhaps the Find Parking section of the site could highlight the locations of the downtown bike racks that are few and far between and so elusive.

Although not much is mentioned about bicycles on the site, it is encouraging to see this kind of support for bicycling sponsored by the city.